Sales Enablement. Will your sales team deliver in the new digital sales world?

With face-to-face interactions limited or impossible. Equip your sales team to close sales in the new online-only sales environment.

Generating the most exceptional leads in the world means nothing if your sales teams don’t have the right tools, the right information or sales and marketing aren’t aligned.

Aligning sales and marketing is half the battle for growth for B2B SaaS & tech companies.

Gripped’s sales enablement services align your sales team and marketing team. We ensure that your entire team has the right tools at hand to engage meaningfully with any customer, backed with a deep understanding of their needs, regardless of where that lead happens to be in the sales cycle.

We’ll give them the right content, in the right place, in the proper format, at the right time and boost sales effectiveness across your business.

Buyers have changed, so should your sales team.

Digital first sales engagement


Buyers have access to more information than ever before. The power has shifted in the buyer/seller relationship from the seller to the buyer. Over the past decade, the buying process has changed and smart businesses have recognised it and reacted.

The sales process needs to change


The sales process needs to change. If your sales process relies on traditional outbound methods, you’ll have likely found that the process is becoming increasingly more difficult. But, don’t worry you have the power to change the approach.

Changing from outbound to a more inbound centric, targeted approach will see your sales team increase conversions and win more deals. Regardless of how simple or complex your product and sales process is – shifting the way you work is achievable, and making sure your salespeople are relevant in today’s modern, digital world is critical.

Content led sales


Rich content offers more than surface-level information, and it can play an instrumental role in converting leads and encouraging clients to take that final step and make a purchase. You can also use premium content to build your contact and subscription lists and improve your search engine ranking.

B2B companies change for
the better with Gripped.

“From strategy to execution Gripped deliver our most compelling content. Our visit-to-lead ratio improved to 12:1. Really. Take a moment to think about that... We had to take on a whole new sales team to deal with the volume”

Martin ColesVP Marketing, IPV

“Digital marketing is getting more nuanced and personal. Having a partner to help make what can easily become a very complicated process easy is invaluable, and that's Gripped. An invaluable partner for digital marketing”

Evan LeekHead of Marketing, Undo

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